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Dear precious members and customers of Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Limited, you are welcome to this forum.
On behalf of the entire staff, I seize this opportunity to thank you immensely and congratulate you for your steadfast loyalty and cooperative spirit towards your union.
Owing to your relentless patronage, our membership, income, liquidity, personnel and fixed assets are on an upward growth trend enabling us more reliable and sustainable.
For three years 2015, 2016 and 2017, we have been voted the best and most reliable microfinance Institution in Cameroon. Our excellent customer care, hard work and accountability has enhanced these achievements, recognition; and Prize Awards from the Guardian Post, The SCOOP Media, The Watchdog, and the general public.
It is therefore an opportunity for all of us to take advantage of these qualities and financial strength to establish a permanent and comfortable market position in Cameroon, Africa and the world.
My appeal go especially to members of the Diaspora who are well knowledgeable, financially vibrant and open to the world. Consider NTACCUL your pride and prestigious home bank. It is your Gateway to Financial strength.
All the members and customers of NTACCUL are our kings and Queens. The staff and Board of Directors are there because of your loyalty. We owe you a ceaseless duty of honesty and transparency in handling and managing your financial resources.
We also owe you a duty though amidst the current socio political crises in Cameroon to always introduce and design products and services that suits your needs.
It is for this reason that we have installed the ATM/VISA cards in all our branches to serve you both at home and abroad. We believe that this service will project our image internationally faster.
We enjoin all “Bush Fallers” international traders and all members alike to buy NTACCUL visa cards for the sake of Convenience.
Once more, thank you for your loyalty.